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Jeff Camp
Jeff Camp chairs the Education Impact Circle of Full Circle Fund, a Bay Area volunteer organization that forms skilled project teams to help organizations turn their ideas into results for children. Under Camp's leadership, Full Circle Fund has supported innovative education-related projects in organizations such as the New Teacher Center, the Parent Institute for Quality Education, Leadership Public Schools, Oakland Unified School District and the California Teachers Association. Camp also chairs the Advisory Committee of the Alt Comp Dialogue, a Full Circle Fund-sponsored project to promote local labor-management discussion of how to use alternative compensation approaches to increase schools' effectiveness in educating children.

Camp honed his skills in project management and team development over 12 years at Microsoft Corporation, mostly in Redmond, Washington. His leadership roles included product marketing, product design, international business planning, market development, and general management. Products that Camp played a role in bringing to market include Microsoft Project and Windows 95.

From 1995 through 1997, Camp was Business Manager for Microsoft's fast-growing Far East region, based in Tokyo. He is proficient in Japanese, which he learned while earning his AB in East Asian Studies at Harvard.

Camp first became interested in improving public education through policy change as a high school student. In 1984 he served as Governmental Affairs Director of the California Association of Student Councils.

When he left Microsoft in 2002, Camp returned to the Bay Area, where he lives with his wife and three young children.