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Thomas E. Henry
Thomas E. Henry has 34 years experience in public administration, with more than 24 years working with state and national policy-makers. He holds two Master's Degrees: one in Public Administration and the other in Special Education. He also hold Secondary, Special Education, and Administrative Service credentials. His past experience includes Superintendent positions at three unified school districts, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Administrative Services at a county office of education, and Associate Superintendent for the Kern County Superintendent of Schools. Mr. Henry is a highly sought out speaker for local, state and national conferences/workshops.

Significant Engagements/Assignments: A sampling of Mr. Henry's engagements and key assignments follows:

  • Mr. Henry was recently appointed by the State Chancellor for the California Community Colleges as Special Trustee to Compton Community College District. Compton Community College District recently lost their accreditation and Mr. Henry has assumed the role of the Compton Community College District Governing Board. In addition to governance issues, Mr. Henry is charged with working with the State Legislature, Administration and Compton community in creating a plan to keep the college open and fully accredited.
  • Chief Executive Officer for FCMAT. The agency provides fiscal crisis intervention and management assistance to local educational agencies through-out California. For the State Legislature, FCMAT has conducted comprehensive assessments of the Oakland Unified, San Francisco Unified, Compton Unified, West Contra Costa Unified, West Fresno Elementary, Berkeley Unified and Vallejo City Unified school districts. FCMAT has provided studies for more than 550 school agencies since its inception.
  • Appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to sit on the Governor's Committee on Education Excellence, a non-partisan, privately funded group charged with examining K-12 education in California and recommending steps to improve the performance of public schools.
  • Appointed as Vice-Chair of the Governance Committee for the Master Plan for Education in California. Received a State Resolution from the Honorable Dede Alpert, Chair of the Joint Committee to Develop a Master Plan for Education.
  • Selected by the State Legislature to sit on a three-member state audit appeals panel. The other panel members are the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Director of Finance.
  • Administered the State's first teleconferencing project. FCMAT developed teleconferencing capability in 58 county offices of education. This system, under the leadership of FCMAT's Deputy Executive Officer, has become a cost-effective and efficient means of sharing information with state policy-makers and users in the field.
  • Appointed through ACLU to monitor the progress of the Compton Unified School District relative to the stipulations of a consent decree.