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Governor's Committee on Education Excellence
Research Links
The Governor's Committee on Education Excellence performed an integrated and thorough analysis of California's K-12 public education system to identify the impediments to excellent teaching and learning and to identify the most effective strategies to promote student achievement. The Committee drew on the insights of researchers and policy makers from California and across the nation, and even other countries, to ensure that its work would be informed by the most accurate research and best practices.

Major studies utilized by the Committee included the following:

  • Getting Down to Facts is a body of research designed to provide a common ground of understanding about the current state of school finance and governance to lay the groundwork for meaningful education reform. Additionally, IREPP has produced individual summaries of the research studies it commissioned and a Summary Paper that synthesizes the aggregate findings.
  • The California Master Plan for Education created a long-term strategic plan for a single, coherent system of education to produce better schools and higher levels of achievement for every student. The Master Plan serves as a resource for and guide to California leaders and policy makers in making decisions regarding education policy.
  • The California Constitutional Revision Commission examined state budget processes, the structure of state governance, configurations of state and local government duties and responsibilities, and the feasibility of integrating community resources in order to make recommendations for improving government to the California Legislature and Governor.