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Governor's Committee on Education Excellence
Teaching and Leadership

Priority 1: Strengthen Teaching and Leadership

Putting students first means that every student in every classroom is taught by an excellent and effective teacher. This is by far the most effective way to improve student learning and close the achievement gap, and it will require extensive changes in how we prepare, recruit, train, compensate, and hold teachers and leaders accountable for steady gains in student learning.

In turn, having every school and district led by a highly effective administrator will create the conditions that will help ensure that good teaching and learning is happening in every classroom for every student. These professionals should be held accountable for steady gains in student learning and should earn increased autonomy and additional resources based on the performance of their schools.

The Committee's report, Students First: Renewing Hope for California's Future, summarizes its recommendations for Strengthening Teaching and Leadership. Detailed recommendations are available in the Strengthening Teaching and Leadership chapter of the Committee's Technical Report.