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Governor's Committee on Education Excellence
Use Data Wisely

Priority 4: Use data wisely

An indisputable fourth priority, perhaps the first because it undergirds each of the other three, is an investment in a world-class system of data and information that will turn the flywheel of continuous improvement; the education system itself must “learn.”

Without good information, we cannot help our schools and districts improve. Among the many ironies the Committee confronted in its work, none is greater than that California, global home of the information economy, has woefully inadequate education data systems that lag behind those of nearly every other state in the nation.

Our systemic reform proposals depend on much better data and information — to help improve classroom instruction, to empower parents to make better choices for their children, and to allow the public to hold the system accountable for steady improvements, year by year and school by school.

The Committee's report, Students First: Renewing Hope for California's Future, summarizes its recommendations for addressing the data requirements associated with major improvement in student learning. Detailed recommendations are available in the Use Data Wisely chapter of the Committee's Technical Report.