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Sau-Lim (Lance) Tsang
Sau-Lim Tsang has 30 years of experience in developing and managing education programs and organizations. He is the Executive Director of ARC Associates (ARC), a non-profit gourp he founded in 1977 that is dedicated to the promotion of quality education for under-served children and youth and their communities. The work of ARC is multi-faceted and ranges from research to school reform to community empowerment.

Prior to founding ARC, Dr. Tsang served as the Assistant Director of the Asian American Bilingual Center and led a team of curriculum writers to develop bilingual materials for Asian immigrant students. While at ARC, Dr. Tsang established the Multifunctional Resource Center (1968-1995) with offices in Honolulu and Palau to provide training and consultation to schools in the Pacific region to improve programs for English language learners. In 1999, with the support of community groups, Dr. Tsang established an office in Southern California to provide educational services to seasonal agricultural workers in the San Gabriel Valley. In 2002, Dr. Tsang founded and serves as the Executive Director of Oakland Unity High School (, a charter school serving Oakland's low-income community. He is presently developing a second charter high school slated for opening in September, 2008 in Richmond, California.

In the area of project management, Dr. Tsang directed the Multifunctional Resource Center for Northern California from 1985 to 1991, and served as Associate Director of the Equity Assistance Center for California, Nevada and Arizona from 1987-1994.

Dr. Tsang is also and experienced researcher. Under his leadership, ARC has conducted many research studies that are seminal works in the education of linguistic and culturally diversestoduents. Among them is the study that documented the featuers of successful high schools for Latino students. (Lucas, Henze and Donato. "Promoting the success of Latino language minority students: An exploratory study of six high schools", Harvard Educational Review, 66(3), 1990.). Another key study examined how schools mired in ethnic/racial conflicts change to become successful ("Special Focus: Leading for Diversity". The Journal of Negro Education, 68(4), 1999.). He recently completed a study on the meaning of content area assessment results for English Language Learners.

Dr. Tsang received his BA in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley; and his MA in International Education Development, MS in Statistics, and PhD in Mathematics Education from Stanford University. He resides in Oakland, California, with his wife.